Kapak çantası "Folder" ZEGA and BMW yan çantalar için

3.348,00 TL
Teslimat süresi: 25-30 iş günü.

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

(with the advance payment from the day after the payment order by the customer, and for other methods of payment from the day after the contract)

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20% KDV dahil
Additional storage space - at all times!

This pannier lid bag provides extra storage space that can often make a big difference. It is extremely easy to attach via the strap slots on the pannier lids of all BMW panniers as well as ZEGA Evo, Pro, Pro2 and Mundo panniers.

Should you not need the "Folder" storage space at some point, just fix it to your case and fold it together to save space. Air resistance remains low and you can swing your leg over comfortably behind when mounting.

- Can be folded to save space when not in use
- Designed for all ZEGA and BMW cases
- The material that we use is not plain nylon - it is Cordura fabric, as also used for protective motorcycle clothing and expedition equipment
- Waterproof coating on inside of fabric
- Washable and easy to clean
- Made for extreme loads and built to last
- Perfect fit
- Securely attached but can be quickly taken off the bike
- Low-weight bag with high carrying capacity and large usable volume
- Waterproof inner bags available separately
- Large main compartment without extra subdivisions provides maximum space for individual loading

Please note the maximum load your pannier system!

Please note: Use paint protection film if necessary!

Size: (L x W x H) approx. 40 x 22 x 15 cm
Volume: approx. 13 litres
Colour: black
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