Touratech Suspension kartuş seti, BMW F850GS Adventure

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Easily said, the Touratech Suspension Closed Cartridge is a shock absorber for the fork. The Closed Cartridge is mounted on the right side of the original fork. Thus fork bridge/handlebar mount, brakes, wheel guidance and steering geometry are completely kept. There is no need to modify the left fork rod additionally. This Closed Cartridge has been developed specifically to take your BMW F850GS Adventure on intensive tours with frequently and heavily changing load and drive conditions. Our Closed Cartridge brings the front of the BMW F850GS Adventure to the next level of driving pleasure and performance.

This means for you:
Any luggage volume - from rear bag to loaded luggage system and/or pillion - will be compensated by the adjustment ranges of spring preload, rebound and compression level. The cartridge can be completely adjusted from the top.In a closed cartridge, oil and nitrogen are separated by a bladder. This guarantees constant and temperature-independent absorption. The Closed Cartridge thus guarantees a more sensitive and more comfortable reaction of the fork. The combined rebound and compression adjustment always allows for an effective and precise suspension adjustment, which perfectly matches your personal driving style. It was built for each road condition and purpose of use - whether you drive on motorways, main roads, smaller country roads, off-road tracks, whether you are on a long-distance travel with a huge luggage volume or whether you drive fast and ambitiously. If extremely heavy road conditions act on the front wheel, the integrated "hydraulic endstop" avoids mechanical impact on the fork.

You will experience a completely new driving sensation with your motorbike.

The basic setup is adapted to demanding adventure riders with luggage.
Customized adaptation for special requirements is possible. We individually adapt the shock absorber to your needs using a spring with suitable spring rate and other configurations.

Scope of supply:
- 1x Closed Cartridge (right side)
- 1x sticker for original cap (left side)
- Combined rebound/compression adjustment
- Spring preload adjustment (using 22 spanner)
- Adjustment tool for absorption
- Mounting tool for cap
- Filled ready for mounting and driving, with pre-mounted fork spring
- 1 litre oil (for fork mounting)
- User guide and mounting instructions

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